Award-winning Arletty Theatre returns with Quilter and the Ghost, after the wonderful responses to their Arts Council funded musical play, Swan Canaries (Best Theatre Production, Buxton Fringe 2014).

Quilter is losing her home, to make way for a luxury golf course. Tonight, she must save the stories she has collected for decades, by stitching them into a ‘Patchwork Quilt of Lives’. But there are protesters hiding in the rose garden, a mysterious stranger lurks in the study, and the police will be here at dawn: her precious memories could end up in a skip…

With evocative story-telling, woven around 110 inspiring stories collected from local people, this magical play includes dance, original music, comedy and powerful drama. Arletty Theatre specialises in drawing an audience together ‘around the fireside’, to share the magic of imagination and the vivid landscapes of human experience.

Responses to other Arletty productions:

“……At turns funny thought-provoking and harrowing, ‘Swan Canaries’ masterfully examines the camaraderie between women from a small village working together for the good of the country.”

Leftlion Review 

“Beautiful. It filled me with joy!”

“…Charming from beginning to end.”

Audience Reactions

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Last Modified: June 13, 2017