Burial Regulations

Regulations of Forsbrook Cemetery

The following regulations have been put into place so that maintenance costs and appearance can be maintained.

The grave will be grassed and levelled by Forsbrook Parish Council when the ground has settled.

Graves must be level with the surrounding ground, no raised plinth, mounds, hedges or curbstones. The front of the memorial must remain grassed, no tree, shrub or plants may be planted on a grave.

No breakable or unauthorised items of any description e.g. glass, earthenware, bricks, blocks etc. of any kind will be allowed. Any such items will, in the interest of safety, be immediately removed and disposed of without notification.

Only memorial vases will be allowed and these must be on the base of the approved memorial.
The use of motorised equipment for grass cutting is not permitted.

All memorials and gravestones must be kept in good repair by the owners. Notice will be sent to the owner/applicant of the memorial, where known, in case of such repairs being required.

No dogs are permitted in the cemetery except guide dogs.

The Council reserves the right to designate where the burial takes place.

Stonemasons must not remove or erect memorials without prior notification to the Clerk.

Any concerns/questions regarding the above regulations should be in writing from the grantee of the burial plot and sent to the following address:
Clerk to the Council,
18 Hillside Avenue,
Staffordshire Moorlands.
ST11 9BH.