Interment Fees

New Fees Forsbrook Parish Cemetery 2020/2021

Residents Non Residents
New grave 2 people £300 £600
Reopening of grave for 2nd burial £250 £500
Plot for cremated remains £250 £500
Reopening for 2nd cremated remains £230 £430
New grave for a child or still born infant £80 £250

It was agreed that the non resident criteria is to remain the same.

People who were not a resident in the Parish of Forsbrook at the time of their death cannot be buried in Forsbrook Cemetery unless the person had a husband, wife, child or parent buried in Forsbrook Cemetery or who had lived in the Parish for ten years or more.
It was agreed that the memorial fees for the financial year 2020/2021 would be:-

Fee for placing a memorial £90
Additional inscription £50