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2023 Review Of Parliamentary Constituencies

Forsbrook Parish to become South Stoke on Trent Constituency. 

Time to have YOUR say!

Did you know that Parliamentary constituencies are set to change? The independent Boundary Commission for England (BCE) are drawing the map of constituencies in England and needs your help to shape their final recommendations, ensuring they take into consideration local knowledge and views.

The Boundary Commission’s proposal places Forsbrook Parish in a newly formed South Stoke Constituency. In terms of place, identity, history, landscapes and neighbouring communities we interact with and relate to, we are Staffordshire Moorlanders. We are within the geographical and administrative boundary of the Staffordshire Moorlands, our children go to school and college in the moorlands, our administrative centre is in the moorlands, we shop in the moorlands, our NHS Hub is in the moorlands we have our own industries and employers in the moorlands.

The Member of Parliament for the current Staffordshire Moorlands Constituency has stated in the local press that the proposals are a sensible compromise. We would differ and believe to dismiss the right to a sense of place for any moorlands resident could not be described as a such.

It’s time to have YOUR say!

Forsbrook Parish Council is asking everyone to take the opportunity to have YOUR SAY. Especially if you are not happy about the proposal.

From 8 June until 2 August 2021 the BCE is holding an eight week consultation, allowing you to share your knowledge about your local area.
The Commission considers every piece of feedback that it receives, whether that is about where the constituency boundaries should be or the name of the constituency.

We are NOT South Stoke Petition (to print off)

It is easy to get involved – To view interactive maps showing the proposed changes, and to submit your feedback, go to


To see the boundary map of the proposed South Stoke on Trent and other local boundaries – CLICK HERE.
To have your say – CLICK HERE


If you have any further questions or would like to speak directly to a Parish Councillor about this then please feel free to drop a message with your details to the Parish Clerk on

How do I get involved?

  • Go online at to view and comment on the proposed changes.  You have until 2 August, when the consultation closes, to submit your feedback.
  • The Boundary Commission for England welcomes your views on the proposed new boundaries and constituency names, and will consider all feedback.

What happens next?

  • There will be a further two rounds of consultation in 2022. Following the conclusion of all three consultation periods, the Commission will look at all the evidence received and form its final recommendations. These will be submitted to Parliament by 1 July 2023.

Other FAQ

Will the changes affect my local council services, bin collections or schools, for example?
No. The boundary changes only relate to Parliamentary constituencies (the area an MP is elected to represent in Parliament). Services and council tax in your local area are set byyour local authority and this review does not change local authority boundaries.

When will the new constituencies take effect?
After the final report from all four Parliamentary Boundary Commissions has been laid by the Speaker, the Government is required to submit to the Privy Council an Order that gives effect to all four Commissions’ recommendations. After the Privy Council approves the Order, the new constituencies take effect at the next General Election. Any by-elections held in the meantime have to be held on the basis of the old (existing) constituencies.

Will the name of my constituency change following the review?
Possibly. As well as looking at where the boundaries of constituencies should be, the BCE will recommend a specific name for each constituency. Generally, the more a constituency has changed, the more likely it is that the BCE will recommend a change of name. The Commission welcomes views on the naming of proposed constituencies during the consultation.

Visit to view and comment on the proposed new map of constituencies.

Follow them on social media for key updates: or @BCEReviews